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whiteish skin that you can't believe
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"It's Amy, the event manager. Do you have anything in particular you want?"

I don't want to smell the makeup.
I hope the bodyguards don't touch you.
I hope the FIA members don't show up.
I don't want you to mess with people enough to get blisters on your fingers.

"Mr. Hackney?"

It is not natural that one's heart freezes and one's face stiffens in front of a woman.
Rather, should I be positive that it's a good nature to be nice when you put the wheel on it?


Amy gave way.
I hope the F1 driver won't get ugly when I get nervous about the woman and stick close to the hallway.
After scratching his eyebrows with his thumb, he moved on to the venue.
Armed guards stand at the end of the hall, and the other side of the hall is crowded with people.

It's too late to go home.

Driving a taxi driver is not a good deal.
Not only do we have to find a good way, but we also have to match the customer's analogy.
Subcontractors don't just have to do their job well.
You have to appeal to the person in charge with the entertainment.

As such, it is not all the F1 drivers that drive well only machines and point well.
Interviews should be given after the game, and photos should be taken on the official website of the FIA before the game.
In addition, you must be on good terms with the team members.
Like today, we should meet our fans and sign autographs and shake hands with them and shake hands.


Those who come with their bare hands sign and give them the pictures that are placed next to them.
The guy who's pretending to know that his handwriting is going to fall down, saying, "I don't want to do this."
have not a single thing


The crowd was so noisy and loud that I didn't care, but it was a sharp cut in the eardrum.
He heard a whistle and unconsciously raised his head.


I am familiar with the face of a man who sows a dichotomous inner ear.
Banksy DB9.
Bivy, shake your hand and disappear yesterday!


Vanquish tapped the calendar with my picture on it with his fingertips.
As seen from afar, the white skin is impressive.
His eyes are light and clear with his glasses off.
But his body that looked like a child is quite a long bone.

People were glinting and snooping, not even seeing Asians for the first time.
It seems that he is outcast.
Is there something I don't know?

"Your name?"

When asked about his name, the bodyguard's eyes, which were standing next to him, are about to pop out.
In addition, humans with eyes twitching out.
Did I do something wrong?
It's rude to ask the name of an Asian man.


The owner of the squash, who can't read his face, is pierced, and he comes in eye contact, and looks as if he understands.
He gave a nod. I thought it was a child with a round head and a lot of shape, but as I keep looking at it, it's like an adult male.
The skeleton is clearly visible. What I saw yesterday was an optical illusion?


It is impolite to ask the name of an Asian man.
I don't want to tell you.
By the way, is Rossi your name, or is that your name, Pemily?
He doesn't want to teach you if you feel bad.

"R? L?"

When the marker is idled from hand to name, Lothshi's expression becomes more solid.
You don't know spelling, do you?


Fortunately, you're not a dumbass with no name.
I'm trying to understand 비아그라 and write names while I'm feeling sorry and relieved, but my voice is mixed with laughter.
Fall up.

"R,o,s,s,i, Rossi."

Are you trying to teach me one thing or another because you don't know how to spell it?
He also has a low voice to say his name.
a low note

The image of an Asian is a rare, mysterious, unhuman, strange, distant race.

She's a child, with a whiteish skin that you can't believe she was born in Far East Asia.
I was thinking, you know, close up, you're a freak who reveals that the skeleton is a straight, perfect man.
be against one's nerves

"Don't you sign?"

I hear a threatening voice as if I were responding to the blatant glare of my eyes.
The pebble-breathing voice is smoggy.
It's a stuffy, thirsty sound that creates a rare wave that won't tire of it.

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